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  • Mr Scammell (viernes, 07. agosto 2015 15:23)

    Great job on my oven today, I've just rang and booked my BBQ in for next week!

  • Amy (lunes, 29. junio 2015 14:32)

    Just a really good clean job. Nothing more I can add!

  • Elaine (jueves, 18. junio 2015 20:54)

    Simon and his team cleaned my oven and BBQ today. Really great service, thanks guys I can't commend you enough.

  • Valerie Davy (sábado, 23. mayo 2015 10:54)

    My husband got you to to clean my oven on his visit in February and I have only just seen it.It looks like new and I feel happy to use it again, taking care to mop up any spills of course!

  • rosemary (lunes, 23. marzo 2015 10:48)

    My oven was in a really bad state, I thought I would need a new one! Oven Wizard's have made it look brand new! Saved me fortunes. Thanks so much!

  • lizzy (domingo, 08. marzo 2015 14:49)

    Simon cleaned 2 BBQ and 1 oven for me yesterday. I'm completely astonished at how clean they now are. Good job, I think you're company will do very very well.

  • Rita Long (martes, 17. febrero 2015 18:37)

    Oven wizards truly are magic! I cannot believe how sparkling clean my oven is now.

    Can't speak highly enough of your company!

  • Val (martes, 17. febrero 2015 18:32)

    Am so pleased we found you! Great job,and service! See you again in a couple of months.


  • Helen watts (viernes, 06. febrero 2015 14:59)

    WoW. I had my oven and BBQ cleaned by Simon today and they both now look and smell fantastic !! The best €65 I've spent, thanks again Oven Wizard's you've made my day!

  • 65456765 (sábado, 17. enero 2015 11:49)

    Great job. Punctual and very efficient. Thanks.

  • Bob Clayton (miércoles, 14. enero 2015 18:59)

    Many thanks for providing such an excellent service, the oven now looks brand new, I will pass on your company details to all my friends.

  • Karen Moon (viernes, 05. diciembre 2014 14:07)

    Fantastic clean if my embarrassingly dirty oven!

  • George farmer (martes, 04. noviembre 2014 08:38)

    Oven wizards, thank you for providing this service! My BBQ and oven really do look brand new! I will be giving your details to all my friends.

  • Lisa - Los Dolses (martes, 28. octubre 2014 13:19)

    After hearing OVEN WIZARDS radio advert on TKO i rang and spoke to a lady who patiently answered all my questions. I was assured that the cleaning products used are environmentally friendly and
    nontoxic so there would not be any nasty fumes and odours.
    "This was very important to me as I have a two year old son. I made an appointment to have my oven, cooktop and grill cleaned in the following week. On the day the technician arrived he came equipped
    with everything, all I needed to supply him with was a couple of buckets of hot water. He put a dropsheet on my kitchen floor and after inspecting my oven he told me that he wouldn't have a problem
    cleaning it.
    "I left him to it while I took my toddler outside to hang the washing on the line and attend a few household chores. After about 2 hours the technician interrupted a game my son and I were playing to
    ask me if I would come and have a look to see if I was satisfied with the job he had done. I could not have been happier.
    "I was amazed with the result. I would never have been able to clean my oven to this standard no matter how hard I scrubbed.
    "I would recommend The Oven Wizards to anyone who has better things to do with their time than to scrub for hours. I am so happy I got to spend time with my little boy and my oven was cleaned without
    any elbow grease or frustration. It was great value for money."

  • jean - Punta prima (martes, 28. octubre 2014 10:53)

    I was amazed when he opened my oven door, the oven racks wher sparkling clean! and the inside of the oven no longer had that yucky burnt on stuff.

    well done on a great job!

  • Mary - Campoamor (martes, 28. octubre 2014 10:49)

    i had my oven cleaned today by simon.
    excelletn punctual service, friendlly , efficient and tidy in his work.
    Sparkling oven and loock forward to use Oven Wizards again